Achieving inner peace

About achieving inner peace (EN) 

So I made a little research on this sensitive topic… I know that we all are struggling with finding that oasis for our stressed busy lives and the thought of not having some moments of total peace is stressing us more than anything. I know that this, that little thought puts so much pressure on us.. to be honest, even on me.

Read this answer that I’ve found on Quora.

I haven’t thought about stress in that way. Neither about happiness. There are so many of us that think that if our lives are busy, we actually need to calm down immediately. We don’t think about this chaos as being an important part of our lives. And this is where my mind has been stopped. What made us think about the fact that riding off the stress in our lives will give us a better life? Where would we have been if there was no thoughts or alarms going on and off in our heads, keeping us in a continuous energy and power for doing what we have to do? Having a busy life in a productive way means that we actually are having a meaningful life. We do what we enjoy or what will help us to achieve those levels that we want with the help of this little amount of stress. We need that stress. It’s healthy for both our mind and our bodies.

But when that stress begins to define us and starts consuming our energy and productivity… We really have to stop for a bit and rethink our lives. Is that giant amount of stress gonna help me or those around me in a positive way? No? Then why do I bother? Or I’ve got another good question that we need to ask ourselves from time to time: is that stress even real? Is it based on real facts or they are just scenarios made up by me? That’s a good one. I found out that many of the stressed episodes that are even keeping me up at night are nothing but the stress made up by my mind. It’s not even real and it still making me lose so many nights worrying about it. This isn’t fair.

So I truly think that inner peace is not something to achieve, because it’s just a blink of an eye. Inner peace shouldn’t be that state where nothing can ever bother you because that mood is nothing but the emptiness of our souls. And that’s definitely not peace or happiness or whatever you want to achieve. This is more a consequence of the stress eating us alive.

And I love the end of that answer


Keep that in mind.



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