You Need To Take A Break Right Now

Another topic that you’re probably familiar with… But if you’re not, I’m here to tell you why and how you should stop from what you’re doing and take a break.

A break doesn’t necessarily mean that you should put on pause at all the things that you’re working on or distract yourself after so many days learning how to focus. A break, in my terms, or at least the term that I need to give you about this main idea that I have in mind, means that you should take a breath, relax and remember why you work this hard.

I’ve seen many people around me that find themselves doing the same thing again and again, losing their motivation, strength, passion and start to do things like a robot: mechanically, without giving it much thought or genuinely paying attention. I’m not saying that you shouldn’t do what are you asked or not to finish what you’ve started, but right now I’m talking about those who do things for the sake of doing them. Those who are working their butts off without any reason.

Having a break also would be important for your health, because many times we find ourselves in a position that ruins our bodies or/and minds, and it’s exhausting.

I’m also talking about those people who can’t see the end of a situation and they are still fighting, hoping and sometimes struggling to stay in a place they don’t belong, where things are just not meant to work out. I’ve found myself very often in this position and in reality, it’s just consuming my mental health, destroying all the progress that I’ve made ’till that moment. No situation is worth dealing with if the motivation is gone. Even if your dedication is still there, people or/and situations that are related to you or your work can lose theirs and you have to let go immediately. And it is as hard as it sounds. 

A break is always a proper way to forget about all the stress and the moments that are too overwhelming for our minds, a way to freshen up our brains and to start again with more dedication, power, and passion. 

So take it easy, the progress will not fail to appear. Don’t force yourself to the point of a breakdown, besides it will only wear you out mentally. Small progress is still progress. All things aside, ruining your mental health won’t help you get any farther in your work progress; will only drag you down morally and physically. 

Take a deep breath, remember why you started and see if the amount of struggle that you’re dealing with adds up with the plans and the ideas that you have for your final outcome. 

Take care of you, always!



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