January favorites

Since everyone has taken on this year with fresh ideas and brand new plans for the future, I thought that it would be best to get out of my comfort zone and try something new too. So I decided to begin by replacing different products or habits with much healthier ones. January started with me buying new toiletries.

Even if it’s not a huge change yet, I am implementing into my routine a few eco-friendly, vegan products.  I tried changing the items I use the most, like toothpaste, hair conditioner, cotton buds and even food, cereals, for example. I’m taking baby steps, because my skin is dramatically resistant to change and it  is not actually in its best condition when I turn to new brands regarding cosmetics or food. But I’m quite satisfied with the results that I’m getting from these two products: 

Ziaja – goat’s milk hair conditioner

Since I began using this one, my hair feels so much lighter, the curls are better defined and the texture of my hair is radically stronger. Also, one of the best aspects of this product is the smell, I simply love it. You can purchase it either from their online store (and since you’re there, check their other products too) or if you’re from Romania, you can find it in DM (drogerie markt)

THE HUMBLE CO. natural toothpaste

This company sells vegan, cruelty free, eco-friendly and socially responsible products and I couldn’t be more excited to try and see what they’re all about. I decided to begin with the charcoal toothpaste, because at that given moment, I really needed one so I thought I would just give it a try. It’s been almost three weeks since I started using it and the benefits started showing. My breath is still fresh after one and a half/one hour after brushing my teeth. Also, this toothpaste prevents cavities and that really made me try to cut off the sweets, trying to take a better care of my teeth and my body. You can find it in their online store (and you can start using it along with their bamboo toothbrushes) or, again, if you’re from Romania, you can find it in DM stores.

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