A letter to seniors of 2020

Hello, I’m hoping that my post finds you well.

This is a phrase that I receive almost everyday from my professors. And instead of ‘post’, it’s ‘mail’. But you got the point.

So am I finding you well? Are you still holding on?

I decided to write this one in English so that you can read it no matter where you are from.

So here we go. As for me, I’m missing my friends, going out, attending my college classes, watching my professors teaching with so much passion, being able to spend a crazy amount of time in malls, shopping gifts for my family or friends. There are so many things that I’m not able to do right now. And I know I’m not the only one. In the past few weeks I read so many articles that appeared on my Facebook timeline about highschoolers being upset about not receiving a graduation party, people that are not able to travel anymore, parents that are overwhelmed about spending so much time with their families, even pets that are going crazy having a hooman around them all the time. I read them all.

We’re going through something that no one alive right now had the chance to experience until now. So we don’t know what to do. Even standing inside all day seems pointless because when we think about helping those around us, we imagine being able to be near them and protect them. I read that throughout history, once in a century, a new plague came and created unimaginable disasters.

But I’m not here to remind you that. I’m here to remind you something else. An ugly truth that will probably and definitely disturb many.

I’m now in my first year of college, so last year I graduated high school. One year ago, may 2019, everything that was on my mind was tangled with fear. What if I won’t pass my exams? What college should I go to? What subject should I study? What city do I want to spend the most amazing (from what I’ve heard) period of my life? What should I major in, so that I could have a future, make my parents proud and still being passionate about what I’m learning?

Nothing that I planed in may 2019 worked out in the end. All those sleepless night were a waste of time. All the stress? I forgot about it. I remember every time I cried because I thought that the weight of my future was on my shoulders, i wrote about it in my journals, I kept those moments in my mind. Maybe I could write another article about my experience, because believe me, it was a mess. And I love that mess now. I’m studying something that I love, I’m still learning about me, about what I’m capable of. I’m not planning my whole future anymore, but I’m concentrating on next week, on how to meet the deadlines. I’m doing my homework, I try to focus on now and tomorrow, taking care of me, freeing myself from future stress by actually doing practical things. I’m definitely not mastering this, but I’m trying. I’m way better than I was last year, but I’m still posting some of my homework at 23:57, I’m still finding out about a project that was assigned a month ago, three days before the deadline.

Being a senior during a pandemic for sure isn’t something easy. But it isn’t tragic either. If you love your classmates so much that you want your prom, i’m sure that the bond won’t break after all of this will be over. And you can organize a huuge party when this is all over, just imagine seeing each other after all this time of being apart. It’ll be way better than any other prom. Because then, on that day, you’ll look at everyone around you and you won’t remember the bad things. It’ll be a clean slate for everyone, so you can learn to love and accept each other once again.

If you want to receive a diploma in front of all your school so that they, your family and even you can feel proud of yourself, believe me that they will be proud of you no matter what. Your teachers, classmates, parents and grandparents will be so proud of you when you’ll finish a whole semester of online classes during a pandemic.

Seniors of 2020, you don’t have it worse. You have it more intense. My parents won’t know the kind of ‘proud’ that their daughter overcame a whole pandemic and still graduated. I won’t be able to hug my high school classmates saying that we went through a national crisis together. We already went on separate roads.

I’m not saying that your pain isn’t justified, I’m saying that you have a better opportunity at proving to yourself, to everyone that your generation can still succeed after everything that you went through. My generation will succeed too, we had our own struggles, but we think about you.

We applaud you and we encourage you to stop the pity. Your loses, compared to your accomplishments, will seem so small in a year.

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